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Root Canal Myths

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 1:49 AM Comments comments (120)
Root canal therapy is considered to be the most feared dental procedure. A survey reveals that most people with a fear of the dentist base their fear on someone else's experiences, not their own. The inaccurate information prevents patients from making an informed decision regarding their teeth. Many patients go as far as requesting that a tooth is extracted, rather than save it with a root canal. 

   Before you believe the hype, take a look at the top root canal myths, and learn the truth for yourself.

  Myth #1. Root canal is painful.
   Root canal therapy is almost always preformed because a tooth is causing pain from an irreversible nerve infection. Root canal is performed to alleviate pain. Most people admit they did not experience any pain during the procedure and felt better afterward.

  Myth #2. Root canal needs several visits.
   With the current dental technology, most root canal treatments can be completed in one appointment, except for cases with extensive infection due to delayed treatment.

  Myth #3. Root canal causes illness.
   Bacteria hiding inside the tooth are resistant to antibiotics and the immune system. They stay in a safe, dead corner, constantly releasing toxin to the human body, causing toothache, jaw bone infection and many systemic diseases like uncontrolled diabetes. Root canal therapy is like a mini debridement surgery to eliminate bacteria from our body so we can have a healthier mouth and body.

  Myth #4. Teeth need to hurt before root canal becomes necessary.
   Teeth that require root canal therapy are not always painful. In fact, teeth that are already dead may require root canal therapy to prevent the tooth from becoming infected. A common sign of a chronically infected tooth is  a little bump on your gum which goes on and off, releasing pus into your mouth and poisoning your digestive system.

  Myth #5. The benefits of a root canal don't last very long.
   This myth originated after patients experienced their tooth breaking months after a root canal was performed. When the nerve is removed from the inside of the tooth, the blood supply is eliminated from inside the tooth. The tooth eventually becomes brittle, and depending on the size of the filling used to close the tooth after the root canal, the forces from grinding, eating, and even talking may cause the tooth to break. Failing to have a crown placed on the tooth may cause this to happen.So technically, it is not the root canal that has failed; it is the restoration on the tooth that has failed.

   Dental caries decay is universal, everybody has it, no exceptions. Decay progresses slowly in the early stage without causing pain so most people don't feel it. It is like termites just start to eat into your house. Once the enamel-dentin junction is broken, decay progresses a lot faster and causes sensitivity, or toothache at any time. A root canal plus further restoration will cause 8-10 times more money than a simple filling. Your precious enamel is being eaten away by the dental termites - the acid-producing bacteria, which travel inside your mouth causing more decay.

   Please take actions today to protect the precious enamel of your teeth. The active diseases inside your mouth need to be removed so you can keep your teeth for a life time and live longer.